Engine and Transmission Rating: Engine and Transmission

Engine and Transmission

Two different 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines serve duty under the hood of the S60. T5 models employ a turbocharger to make 240 horsepower, while T6- and Polestar-badged cars come with both a turbocharger and a supercharger that together boost power to 302 or 362 horses, respectively.

We recently tested an all-wheel-drive Inscription Platinum model, which comes only with the T5 engine, and-once we got accustomed to the lazy throttle response-found it to be peppy enough for the usual city and highway jaunts. At our test track, we recorded adequate acceleration times, but all of the S60’s rivals in this comparison snapped off quicker results.

Test Results: Acceleration

Engine and Transmission

Engine and Transmission

Manual Shifting Capability

The standard eight-speed automatic transmission changes gears smoothly but isn’t as snappy in its actions as the Audi A4’s dual-clutch seven-speed automatic or the Buick Regal’s conventional nine-speed automatic gearbox. Moving the shift lever over to the left from Drive engages the transmission’s Sport mode and also allows for the manual manipulation of gears. However, it doesn’t do much to sharpen the transmission’s reflexes.

Engine and Transmission

Engine and Transmission

Automatic Stop/Start

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