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Fuel Economy and Driving Range

Despite a hefty curb weight and a hearty V-8, the Escalades’ EPA estimates align with the competition. Also, the Caddy was one of the few vehicles here to meet expectations in our real-world testing.

Both Escalade body styles have the same city and combined EPA estimates, but the rear-drive versions earn 2 mpg more on the highway. However, we’ve only tested one with all-wheel drive.

Fuel Economy Ratings Compared

Fuel Economy and Driving Range

2018 Cadillac Escalade ESV gages

We’ve devised our own fuel-economy test in an attempt to replicate how most people drive on the highway. Our procedure entails a 200-mile out-and-back loop on Michigan’s I-94 highway. We maintain a GPS-verified 75 mph and use the cruise control as much as possible to mimic the way many drivers behave during long trips.

The Escalade ESV we tested matched its EPA-estimated 21 mpg on our fuel loop. The only rival to do better was the Mercedes-Benz GLS450, which earned an impressive 25 mpg.

Test Results: Highway Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy and Driving Range

2018 Cadillac Escalade ESV fuel cap

Our Escalade ESV test vehicle had a 31.0-gallon fuel tank, which gave it a range of 650 miles. The shorter version uses a smaller, 26.0-gallon tank. And the Caddy’s V-8 outperformed the all-new Lincoln Navigator’s twin-turbo V-6 by 3 mpg in our test, too.

Test Results: Highway Range

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